Caryl Rusbult

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Major Grants


National Science Foundation Grant (2002-2006): An interdependence theoretic analysis of behavioral affirmation and the Michelangelo phenomenon; BCS-0132398 ($245,000)

Fetzer Institute Grant (2001-2003): The Michelangelo phenomenon: How close partners shape one another’s selves and ideals ($100,000)

Templeton Foundation Grant (1998-2001): Betrayal, forgiveness, and reconciliation in close relationships: An interdependence analysis; Proposal Identification No. 5158 ($250,000)

National Science Foundation Faculty Award for Women Scientists and Engineers (1991-1996): Grant No. BNS-9023817 ($250,000)

National Institute of Mental Health Grant (1990-1994): A longitudinal study of accommodation processes in marriage; Grant No. BSR-1-R01-MH-45417 ($190,000)